Resistance Band Workout- Partnered

Hunter White @ 2020-04-04 12:05:54 -0700

Have a resistance band? This is a great pull/bicep & back partnered workout. Each partner takes a turn performing each exercise. Quick and effective is the name of the game with this workout. 7 total exercises 4 Rounds. The Workout: (for proper instruction & movement, use the video clip as the teaching tool) Banded Rows- 10 total How: Picture touching your elbows to the wall behind you and focusing on contraction and maintaining tension on your lats and rhomboids! You do not need to bring elbows past your body during flexion. Why: Rowing with both arms will assist in developing...

Deck of Cards Workout

Cynthia Andrade @ 2020-04-04 12:35:50 -0700

Muscle Beach Athlete Zach Andrews takes us through this creative and challenging Deck of Cards workout. Zach also gives us a detailed breakdown of how it works and shows us different variations you can pair with the deck of cards. This is a great way to switch up your at home workout and still push yourself. Don't have a deck of cards? *There is a FREE app in the app store where you can flip through a deck of cards, easy to use and no excuses NOT to try this one out! *Check out our list of other WORKOUTS

10 Minute At Home- Full Body Workout #2

Cynthia Andrade @ 2020-03-29 15:14:31 -0700

It’s time to burn some calories! Are you ready to get leaner? This workout is predominantly a cardiovascular type of workout. Unlike Total Body Workout #1, where where we are able to spend more time focusing on muscle hypertrophy, this one the pace during each exercise should be a little slower to ensure you can get through it. Expect to get your breathing rate and your heart rate up! Short work periods, with more frequent exercises, leads to more movement, more muscles targeted. This HIIT style workout covers it all- from your toes to your fingertips!  10 Minute Total Body...

7 Minute At Home- Ab Workout

Cynthia Andrade @ 2020-03-29 14:58:17 -0700

Stuck in the house, with little access to weights? Luckily, abdominal workouts are a great go-to, anywhere. Muscle Beach Athlete Jesse Cooke, takes us through a quick ab workout. Creativity is the key here, you do not need to do 100's of reps to feel the results. This 7 minute workout is effective and a great basis for future ab workouts.    75 second Plank; 15s regular, 15s right leg up, 15s left leg up, 15s right arm up, 15s left arm up. How/Why: A plank is a way get things warmed up. Hold your body straight with only your...

10 Minute At Home- Cardio Workout

Cynthia Andrade @ 2020-03-29 14:43:07 -0700

With workouts taking place indoors due to the global pandemic. Cardio seems to be the name of the game with at home workouts. Muscle Beach Athlete Zach Andrews takes us through an elevated heart rate, 10 minute cardio workout. From the comfort of your own home. 10 Minute Cardio Workout (For demonstration of each exercise, follow along in the video above) 1 Minuted Jumping Jacks30 Second Squat Jumps30 Second Body Weight squats1 Minute Mountain Climbers30 Second Push-Ups30 Second Superman's1 Minute High Knees30 Second Front Lunge30 Second Reverse Lunge1 Minute Overhead Side Raises30 Second Reverse Dips30 Seconds Arm Circles1 Minute Crunches30...

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