10 Minute At Home- Full Body Workout #2

Cynthia Andrade @ 2020-03-29 15:14:31 -0700

It’s time to burn some calories! Are you ready to get leaner? This workout is predominantly a cardiovascular type of workout. Unlike Total Body Workout #1, where where we are able to spend more time focusing on muscle hypertrophy, this one the pace during each exercise should be a little slower to ensure you can get through it. Expect to get your breathing rate and your heart rate up! Short work periods, with more frequent exercises, leads to more movement, more muscles targeted. This HIIT style workout covers it all- from your toes to your fingertips! 

10 Minute Total Body Workout
(Take a rest where needed, or power through the whole thing in 10 minutes)

30 Sec – High Knees Running
30 Sec – Heal to bum running

Why/How: These two are designed to get you warmed up and prepared for what’s to come! Take it easy and get the blood flowing!

30 Sec – Push-ups [regression: on knees]
30 Sec – Alternating Superman Stretches on hands/knees

Why/How: Time to warm the upper body up, push up will target your anterior (front side), superman stretches will hit your posterior (back). Remember to keep your hands and knees on ground, torso parallel to floor. Extend right leg, with left arm to lock out, squeeze at full extension. Bring that back, that is one rep. Repeat with other side.

30 Sec – Jump Squats [regression: squats]
30 Sec – Curtsey Lunges

Why/How: Back to lower body, squats will target on your major muscle groups, quads/hammies/core. While curtsey lunges will work the stabilizers and smaller muscle groups in those areas e.g. glute Medius (top of glute). Keep your balance, instead of stepping forward like a regular lunge, you will step back and to the side, behind your front leg.

30 Sec – Single Leg Glute Bridge (left)
30 Sec – Single Leg Glute Bridge (right)

Why/How: Targeting your posterior lower back, glutes and stabilizer muscles. These exercises are great to help keep your body balanced and maintaining spine health. Remember, do them swiftly, but everything is always under control.

30 Sec – Reverse Plank

Why/How: Think of plank, but we are facing the other way! This time your arms are outstretched! Palms on the ground, with your fingertips facing towards your toes. This is a fun variation with targets similar muscles to a regular plank but with a mix up of the distribution of pressure.

30 Sec – Side Plank (left) leg raise [regression: no leg raise]
30 Sec – Side Plank (right) leg raise [regression: no leg raise]

Why/How: Weight will be placed through your forearm as you lay sideways on the floor with only your foot and forearm in contact with floor. Specifically targeting your obliques. The time is not so long but after the previous exercises the challenge here will be keeping your breath!

30 Sec – Half Burpees

Why/How: Regular burpee, just remove the push up! Start laying face down, arms outstretched supporting your weight. Jump legs up under torso and jump again up into the air. Pace should be moderate, reduce the pace accordingly so you’re able to get through the whole 30 seconds!

30 Sec – Pause Squat

Why/How: Sit into a squat, feet shoulder width apart, hold position whereby your femur (thigh) is parallel with the floor. Try and maintain for whole 30 seconds. You aren’t moving, although this isometric contraction can get tough!

30 Sec – Mountain Climbers
30 Sec – Flutter kicks

Why/How: Both exercises should be performed at a reasonably fast pace, although one that will still allow you to last the 30 seconds each as you may be feeling out of breath! Mountain climbers standing position is a regular plank with arms outstretched, drive each knee up and back in a running/climbing motion. Flutter kicks you will lay on your back, legs outstretched, raised 45 degrees off the floor and ‘flutter’ them in the air slightly moving them up and down.

30 Sec – Push Ups [regression: on knees]
30 Sec – Dips

Why/How: Back to upper body! Push ups will hit your chest and triceps! The dips will finish off those triceps! For the dips place yourself into the reverse plank position (face up, arms outstretched supporting yourself on palms, fingertips facing down your body). Flex at the elbows, in a controlled manner until your bum hits the floor. Continue pressing up and down until the timer is up!

30 Sec – Ab Crunches
30 Sec – Back Extension

Why/How: Working agonist (working muscle) and antagonist (opposing muscle) muscles back to back helps ease up lactic acid build up and will allow for you to focus on your breathing which is the most challenging part of this workout. To perform the back extension lay face down, place hands behind your head. Picture a reverse crunch, gently lift as much of your upper body off the floor as possible, then return and repeat. Be sure to keep under control and work within your limits.

30 Sec – Plank

Why: The ultimate finisher! Nothing like watching the counter countdown the end of all your hard work while in a plank! Nothing will be more motivating to get through the last 30 seconds! Stay focused, stay strong, you got this!

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