Resistance Band Workout- Partnered

Hunter White @ 2020-04-04 12:05:54 -0700

Have a resistance band? This is a great pull/bicep & back partnered workout. Each partner takes a turn performing each exercise. Quick and effective is the name of the game with this workout. 7 total exercises 4 Rounds.

The Workout: (for proper instruction & movement, use the video clip as the teaching tool)

Banded Rows- 10 total

How: Picture touching your elbows to the wall behind you and focusing on contraction and maintaining tension on your lats and rhomboids! You do not need to bring elbows past your body during flexion.

Why: Rowing with both arms will assist in developing an even and symmetrical back. Working everything from your lats, rhomboids, traps, posterior delts and biceps! Keeping a bend in knees engages your core and gives you a strong base to use required tension!

Single Arm Banded Rows 10 each arm

How: Keep a slight bend in knees (roughly 45degrees), hold a neutral spine and upright posture. Keep resistance band under control at all times as you extend and flex at the elbow/shoulder. Picture reaching out to shake someone’s hand that’s just a little out of reach. Feel the stretch through your lats!

Why: Rowing with one arm at a time allows you to give more focus to fewer muscles. This helps correct imbalances and any notable differences in strength between the arms. Doing the same amount of reps on each arm is important to keep them balanced!

Banded Face Pulls- 10

How: Stand directly upright, strong posture and firm stance in ground. Keep hands pronated (facing the ground) as you grip band. Keep resistance under control at all times as you extend and flex at the elbow joint bringing the band toward your face. Keep a comfortable range of motion, you do not need to touch your face. Everybody has different leverages!

Why: Targets posterior delts, rhomboids and a more direct emphasis on traps than other exercises!

Banded Pull-downs- 10

How: Keep arms straight, knees slightly bend, neutral posture and hands slightly pronated (facing down, neutral grip is also okay for this one. Extend and flex at shoulder joint focusing on stretch and contraction of lats. Keep under tension controlled at all times and squeeze at the bottom portion of the exercise.

Why: Engages more of your core muscle group (abs, obliques) than other exercises with a primary emphasis on developing your lats and improving shoulder strength as well! A must do!

High Band Curls- 10

How: Stand upright, neutral posture, strong stance. Hold arms out in front of you (parallel to floor), Extend and flex at elbow joint with a supinated grip (hands facing up, toward you). Keep tension controlled at all times and focus on the squeeze in the flexion phase!

Why: Targets biceps solely, working both arms symmetrically and allowing you to use more tension!

High Single Arm Banded Hammer Curls- 10

How: Face away from partner, knees slightly bent. Torso slightly angled forward, ensure you maintain a neutral spine and strong stance. Angle arms out straight behind you and grip band with a neutral (hammer) grip, gradually extend and flex at elbow joint only under tension.

Why: Facing the other direction changes the emphasis of the resistance throughout different phases of the movement. The hammer curl grip also pure more emphasis on the long head of the bicep and brachioradialis (elbow and forearm flexors too).

Single Arm Resisted Curls- 10

**Have a band but no partner? Try wrapping the band around a doorknob on the opposite side, close the door. To imitate the same exercise in the video, adjust your position (on knees, squatting or standing tall) to work the muscle group properly for that specific exercise.

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