10 Minute At Home- Full Body Workout

Cynthia Andrade @ 2020-03-26 17:18:04 -0700

 Ready to get stronger? Ready to shape those muscles? This workout will hit your entire body, but not JUST to burn calories! The longer one minute ‘work’ times will really get your muscles pumping and create hypertrophy to just not get you leaner but also develop and shape your muscles! Focus on the movements, keep them controlled and enjoy the pump!


1 Minute Standing Calf Raises

Why: Simple, yet effective. The best way to target your calf muscles (gastrocnemius & soleus) without any equipment as you’re using your entire bodyweight as the resistance.

How: Keep feet hip width apart. Press up with the ball of your feet and squeeze at the top of contraction. To keep this effective be sure to focus on entire eccentric & concentric phase (upper and lower) of the movement.

1 Minute Frog Squats

Why: Mixes a combination between a squat/deadlift type movement which in turn puts emphasis and prioritize a different combination of muscles than just doing a regular squat. This is great for shifting more focus to your hamstrings!

How: Place legs a little wider than a regular squat position, just outside of shoulder width. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to floor or a little below, with hands clasped together out in front (mimicking a frog). While keeping a neutral spine, freeze your upper body in that position/height while pressing your legs into the floor, lifting only your hips. You don’t need to go into full extension (knees locked) just until comfortable. Keep movement slow and controlled.

1 Minute Half Burpees

Why: Reducing the complexity of the movement means we are utilizing less muscles, which allows for greater focus and in turn more efficient use of the muscles we are trying to hit. In this instance, legs + core, while trying to get the heart rate up!

How: A burpee, without the push up! Hop down into a plank position with arms outstretched. From here you will jump your feet up underneath your chest and perform a controlled jump into the air. Re-position yourself back into that plank position and repeat!

1 Minute Plank

Why: To hit your core muscle group (abdominal, obliques). Isometric contractions (tension developed without any flexion/extension) is an effective way to hit those muscles and is important to mix up styles of contraction for maximum results.

How: Lay flat on the floor face down, prop yourself up with your elbows, your humerus (upper arm) should be in a right angle to the floor. Hold your body as straight as possible and that’s it!

1 Minute Burpees

Why: In contrast to the half burpees, this exercise is prioritizing overall body movement which will result in more of a cardiovascular based exercise than the half burpees!

How: The same as the half burpee! But this time we are adding a push-up component before your bring your feet up into the jump!

30 Second Rest

Why: This is your halfway mark! Catch your breath, allow your muscles to take a break. Mentally prepare to tackle the next half!

30 Second Push-Ups

Why: Targeting your chest, anterior delts and triceps! Push-ups are also a great way to improve strength through your shoulder joints!

How: Lay face down, place both arms out, palms into ground. Forearms should be parallel with each other. Press through your palms, pay attention to both concentric + eccentric phase (upper and lower). Squeeze at the top. Control the movement, it’s not a race!

1 Minute Supermans

Why: It can be challenging to train your posterior muscle groups (upper, lower back and shoulders) without equipment, however this is a great exercise which covers just that. Targeting everything from your lumbar erectors, lats, traps, rhomboids, posterior delts and even glutes!

How: Lay face down, with arms stretched out in front, as if you were superman! Gently lift your upper back, arms, legs and feet off the ground as if you were trying to get as much of your body off the ground as possible. Gently, place back down and repeat focusing on those contracting muscles and squeezing at the top!

1 Minute Leg Raises

Why: Having your legs stretched out all the way creates a longer lever and shifts the focus of the contraction more to the lower group of the abdominal muscles (around/below belly button area).

How: Lay flat on your back legs outstretched. Keeping your legs straight raise your feet off the floor until your legs are roughly at a 45degree angle to the floor. Once there, lower back to the floor, keeping tension and repeat. Only relax legs if you need to take a break!

1 Minute Crunches

Why: In contrast to the legs raises, crunching your torso up towards your legs changing target focus to the top ground of your abdominal muscles (above belly button)

How: Lay flat on your back, prop one foot up against your bum, halfway between that foot and the foot still outstretched is where both feet should be placed. Once there, focus on bringing your head and shoulders towards your knees as you ‘crunch’ your torso.

1 Minute Standing Russian Twist

Why: Standing will shift more focus onto the obliques specifically in comparison to the sitting version and is a great way to hit them!

How: Stand straight up, maintain a strong posture. Rotate your torso at a maximum of 90 degrees either side from face on. Arm placement can be whatever is comfortable. Keep the movement swift, but always under control. Important not to over rotate on this one it is not necessary.


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