At Home- Leg Workout

Cynthia Andrade @ 2020-04-04 13:17:40 -0700

Hitting lower body can be challenging without weights, so creativity is key. For this at home workout, all you will need is a stool or chair. Muscle Beach Athlete Zach Andrews takes us through a short list of exercises with higher set & repetition. This is a great way to push those legs all from the comfort of your own home.

The Workout: (need a chair/stool) For proper form and exercise movement, follow along in the video above.

Body Squats 5 sets -20 reps each set

How: Feet shoulder width apart, keep a neutral spine. Knees should not track past the ends of your toes. Squat down until your femur(thigh) is parallel with the floor. You can go deeper if you like but work within your limits! Picture sitting back down into a seat instead of bending at the knees. Drive your bodyweight through the center of your foot (no weight through toes)

Bulgarian Split Squats 4 sets -10 reps each leg

How: Put one leg out in front of you as if you were to perform a lung. Squat down into this position. Similarly, to the squat try not to let your knee track past the tips of your toes. Bodyweight should be evenly distributed over each foot just like if it was a regular squat.

Hip Bridge 5 sets - 20 reps each set

How: If you lay down and extend one leg all the way out, the other tucked up against your bum. About halfway between those two is where both your feet should be for this exercise. Drive weight through the center/heel of your feet evenly. Keep your body straight and focus on contraction through your glutes.

Step Ups 4 sets -10 reps each leg

How: As always, keep a strong posture and neutral spine. Particularly for this exercise ensure you control the movement and focus on foot placement and contraction of the muscles in that leg you are stepping up with. Bodyweight should be distributed through the center of your foot and keep your balance.

Squat Jumps 5 sets- 20 reps each set

How: Very similar to the squat in terms of movement. Feet shoulder width apart, drive weight through center of foot. With this exercise, you do not need to go as deep as the squat however you can if you wish to increase the difficulty! Control the movement down into the squat and then explode up with force to jump in the air! Be careful of your landing particularly when fatigued!

Single Leg Pistol Box Squat 4 sets -10 reps each leg

How: This is essentially a box squat, just with one leg! Shift your weight over to the target leg, place the other leg comfortable out in front. Your weight should be distributed over the center of foot and very carefully sit down into the box and back up. It is ok to hold your arms out and about to adjust for balance during this exercise.