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PUMPING IRON Pre Workout - Watermelon Rancher
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Mr. Olympia Approved Super Dosed Ingredients Patented Pump Technology Legendary Energy ∙ Pumps ∙ Endurance

Pumping Iron is currently the only pre workout product approved, endorsed, and used by Mr. Olympia - Shawn “FLEXATRON” Rhoden. Pumping Iron is also the first and only product ever to contain 5 grams of amino acid nitrates to produce legendary workouts and Mr. Olympia size pumps.

Unlike other products that are loaded with false claims and fake ingredients, that do nothing for pumps or workout performance, Pumping Iron is loaded with patented nitrate technology to fuel legendary workouts for legendary gains. Get pumped like Mr. Olympia - Shawn “FLEXATRON” Rhoden and Start Pumping Iron Today!

First Time Ever - Beta Alanine Nitrate + Proline Nitrate

With over a hundred human clinical studies proving nitrates spectacular effects on endurance, strength, and body composition, nitrates are unrivaled in their clinically proven effectiveness. Any pre-workout product that doesn’t have nitrates is likely selling you pure bullshit.

Don’t be fooled by fake pump ingredients like VASO6, S7, Nitrosigine, FitNox, etc., NONE of these ingredients live up to their FAKE CLAIMS. Nitrates are the ONLY pump ingredient that has clinical studies proving effectiveness from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as the Nobel Prize awarding Karolinska Institute, the University of Oxford, and UCLA just to name a few.

Nitrates are the most effective way to increase nitric oxide for athletes and the effect of nitrates can last for up to 8 hours, helping you not only to perform at your maximum capacity in the gym but also helps you keep the “pumped” feeling for way longer than normal, and then nitrates can help your body recover by transporting nutrients to your muscles.




The performance and enhancing effects of nitrate ingredient technology is backed by over 100 published clinical studies, Pumping Iron's patented nitrate technology is protected by more than 17 patents, and over 800 independent patent claims.

The PROOF OF THE PUMP is in the bottle and every other product fails in comparison! Do not be fooled by pixie dust formulas, or fake patent claims. NEVER settle for second best- Start PUMPING IRON TODAY!!

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